1200 S OSI Spider

1200 S OSI Spider


French title, Chassis n° 040550
- Extremely rare Fuoreserie model
- Attractive design by Michelotti
- One of 28 examples manufactured
- No reserve

This beautiful car is owned today by its fourth proprietor, who initially wanted to complete his Ghia-Osi-Innocenti collection, but now needs more funds to finish a restoration. After buying it in Italy, he drove the car for 1,800 km in two days in order to return home and had no issues whatsoever. The car is in running condition and since, the owner has had some work done, such as the replacement of brake leads, and he recently fitted white-wall tyres which were perfectly well-kept in paraffin, therefore portraying this convertible in the exact same way than the one presented at the 1964 Paris Motor Show. Originally dark green, the car is today in a beautiful red colour and all equipment are working well.
This convertible was produced by a company called Osi, founded in 1960 by the boss of Ghia, Luigi Segre, to build special series on behalf of coachbuilders and manufacturers, starting with Ghia, Innocenti and Fiat. The Osi 1200 S had a Fiat engine and the bodywork was designed by Giovanni Michelotti. This model would only have 28 examples built, making it one of the most limited series ever made!
This original and highly elegant convertible signifies the seduction of rare and refined items.

Estimation 35 000 - 55 000 €

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